Welcome to 'Encircling the Land with Sacred Dance'

We are immensely sad to have to report that Suzy Straw collapsed suddenly on the 25th September 2011 and died 10 days later on the 5th October. She was always a creature of light and is now truly in the light. Her funeral and wake were real "Suzy" celebrations and brought together friends from all over England, Wales and Scotland. A tree has been planted in Suzy's memory at Holycombe, which was a very special place to her and the planting was accompanied by dancing, a toast in champagne and fireworks. She had a splendid send off. Although we will all miss her incredibly we must remember the fact that on the day before her collapse Suzy said she was looking forward to death and was happy and ready to go at any time. I know she is now continuing her work from a higher sphere.

Suzy's great project was Encircling the Land with Sacred Dance. Her vision founded it and through her energy it grew and grew over the last twelve years. Suzy herself felt that the end of this twelve year cycle was significant and that it heralded the coming of age of ELSD. Now we have really come of age and must show we can survive and continue to grow as Suzy would have wished. Lets all work together to try and achieve this!

"We celebrate, through dance, the sacredness of all life and God as divine love. We celebrate in sacred places at sacred times and in the context of a sacred pattern that still exists in Britain. This helps us to recover our awareness of our country, of nature and of time and to realise just how precious these are to us"